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Our Story

1994: Software Finesse was founded as a software development company, focused on building custom software solutions for a variety of clients and markets

1995 - 1998: The company developed complex solutions for clients such as:

  • Screen Scan Systems
  • National Institute of Health
  • Immigration and Naturalization Services
  • General Motors
  • And More...

1998 - 1999: The idea for a document imaging product was born and as a result SFFlexSuite® came to life

2000 - 2005: SFFlexSuite® was introduced to a variety of markets including:

  • County Governments
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • School Districts
  • Telecommunication
  • And More...

2005 - 2010: SFFlexSuite® was re-designed to become a software application platform with the following key features in mind:

  • Easy to build: Days or weeks instead of the traditional months or years, any type of database driven, document imaging applications with work-flow automation capabilities
  • Easy to maintain: centralized, module based source code
  • Ability to customize layouts and functionality without the need of source code modifications
  • A new data conversion department was established with the primary goal of providing paper, microfilm, aperture cards and book digitizing services as well as database and raw conversion and integration

2011 - 2014: Next generation of complete software products were released:

  • Land and Vital Records Systems Including the Complete Workflow Process:
    • Receipting/Cashiering App
    • Indexing and Proofing App
    • Public Search App
    • E-Recording
    • OCR and Barcode Process Automation
    • Online Record and Image Access
    • And More...
  • Medical Coding and Billing System Handling:
    • Patient Demographics
    • Diagnosis and Procedure Coding Compliance with the Latest ICD-10 Standards
    • Provider Alerts and Online Portal for Review or Coding by the Providers
    • And More...
  • Office Essentials System Including:
    • Human Resources
    • Accounts Payable
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Contact Management
    • Project Management
    • And More...

2015 - Now: Software Finesse continues to expand its client base nationwide as well as increase the number of strategic partners. All while working on launching its latest online product built on SFFlexSuite® with a large spectrum of capabilties and functionalities from simple image enabled searchable solutions to client accessable project management and tracking system to complex membership and association solutions. A new release of the SFFlexSuite® client/server platform is expected during the 3rd quarter of 2016. A lot more is happening in the web and mobile development lab of Software Finesse.


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  • DeKalb County, MO
    • Click on the image to play the video testimonial.
    • JoAnn Marshall, Recorder of Deeds: DeKalb County, MO
  • SEA Wire and Cable, Inc.
    • "We have been doing business for nearly 15 years and have enjoyed multiple complex solutions to our imaging requirements. The team of experts at Software Finesse have an uncanny ability to see through the weeds of business processes and provide efficient and sustainable solutions that promise to carry long into the future."
    • Marty Clark, President and COO: SEA Wire and Cable, Inc.
  • Wall Colmonoy
    • "We have been with SF for over 10 years. We appreciate the excellent service and prompt response to issues. Also, they always find solutions through customizing their software to work with our business needs. For example, they created batch processes to update FlexSuite database automatically."
    • Rimon Safadi, IT Systems Engineer, BSCE: Wall Colmonoy
  • Parastar
    • "I have had the pleasure of working with Software Finesse for over three years, first through planning then implementation and now through ongoing daily operations. I have found Ivan and his team to be responsive to our needs, flexible enough to meet our desires and results that have exceeded our expectations. Ivan and his team have been attentive to our needs and responsive to our industry specific requirements. Most recently developing a streamlined process allowing for the import of data over a user defined period of time and not on an individual date, thus saving us significant import time and has improved employee productivity."
    • Ken Slinker: Parastar
  • NetMD
    • "...I am very anxious to get your new product in our place. Your software works and it's a GREAT company to work with. I have every confidence this is the tool we have been looking for..."
    • Jerry LaPorte, IT Director: NetMD
  • Shelby County, MO
    • "I must tell you about the great service and support at Software Finesse. On the rare occasions that I have a need for support, they are always very expedient in trying to solve the problem as soon as possible. I think you will be very pleased by choosing Software Finesse as an affordable one-stop-recording-shop for all of the needs in your County Office."
    • Audrey Buzzard, Recorder of Deeds: Shelby County, MO
  • Reynolds County, MO
    • "I have been a client of Software Finesse since 2004. They are a great company to work with. The software is easy to use."
    • Myra Turner, Recorder of Deeds: Reynolds County, MO
  • DeKalb County, MO
  • SEA Wire and Cable, Inc.
  • Wall Colmonoy
  • Parastar
  • NetMD
  • Shelby County, MO
  • Reynolds County, MO

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