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Logistic Solutions

Our enterprise logistic solutions are powered by the SFFlexSuite® platform. SFFlexSuite® excels with logistic companies' billing and other document imaging applications. SFFlexSuite® can provide critical information to the Accounting department quickly and securely.

SFFlexSuite® Billing and SFFlexSuite® CashReceipts are just some of the solutions powered by SFFlexSuite®.

Key Features

  • Scanning or Dragging/Dropping Documents
  • Manual Indexing
  • Intelligent Indexing (Barcode, OCR or Imported/Integrated with Other Vendor Software)
  • On-The-Fly Invoice Generation and Full Indexing from Other Vendors' Accounting Software
  • Quality Control
  • Reporting (Test Reports, Etc.)
  • Secured Web Portal Access for Local Users and Controlled Remote Access
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery of Digital Data

SFFlexSuite® can be expanded and customized into any department that requires record upkeep and document security.

Software Finesse specializes in customizing your application at no cost!

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