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Software Finesse offers online access via web portal (cloud solution) SFFlexSuite® Web to your electronic records, images and documents. The solution provides a way for any business or government office to bring information together from distant sources with access control and permissions for multiple applications and databases.

Public portals generally aim at gathering, consolidating and moving data and web content towards their audience. Portals meet functional requirements such as providing users with e-commerce features, enhanced search options, voting and commenting functionality, profiling and communication or social network connectivity, etc. Portals also serve as business process accelerators facilitating access to a corporate information environment. These portal solutions support operational activities, collaboration, decision making, knowledge management, etc.

Using its SFFlexSuite® Web platform, Software Finesse can very quickly custom design and build a web portal solution to meet your requirements, goals and security needs. Being extremely flexible, your portal solution can easily be improved and extended as needs change or grow.

Examples of Software Finesse's Web Portals

  • Pediatric Practice — Authorized physicians are able to log in to a secure website and access their patients' medical records.
  • Physicians Group — Physicians throughout the region are able to respond to coder requests or personally input medical coding information securely to a centralized coding and billing system powered by SFFlexSuite®. Coders are able to receive information, communicate questions, clarifications, etc. back to submitting physicians and receive responses for fast and accurate processing.
  • Land and Property Records — Land and property records from government offices are available to the public through a secure online database. Access to information and copies of records can be combined with merchant or subscription payment services or offered for free.
  • Service Company Contracts — Telecommunication, gas and electrical companies are able to respond to their clients inquiries quickly and very easily by accessing their digital service contracts online through myonlinedocuments.net.
  • Manufacturing and Inventory Records — Inventory records, pick tickets and test reports are easily available online to management and sales people of manufacturing companies. Records can be securely retrieved and accessed from any browser or device via the Internet.
  • Other applications

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